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custom pallets from hardwood to softwood.

wide assortment of plywood pallets and crates

mulch is available in natural,
double-ground and colored

supplier of Siltsoxx™ - erosion control filter socks for sediment control & stormwater management


  WELCOME to Palcon, LLC


  Wood Pallets in PA, NJ & NYWe have been Manufacturing and Supplying Wooden Pallets, Skids, and Shipping Crates to our customers in PA, NY & NJ for over 40 years. Our central location and proximity to resources allows Palcon to produce hardwood products at extremely competitive prices.

We are also a supplier of Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™, the highest quality erosion control compost filter sock (silt sock) on the market today. Filtrexx® is the inventor of the compost filter sock and we are proud to sell their products.  

Palcon will provide unparalleled service and exceptional products at a competitive price. Foster a positive work environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, and a commitment to total quality. Ethically pursue profit, excellence, and market leadership.  


Wooden Pallets in PA, NJ and NYTransportation and Logistics – Palcon is committed to deliver your wooden pallets on time every time!  Palcon maintains its own fleet of trucks and trailers and provides Palcon direct control over shipping.  Palcon drivers are knowledgeable, courteous and always ready to assist our customers dock workers in any way possible.   Palcon provides drop hook services for customers that want to unload their pallets at their convenience.  This also provides additionally storage for customers with limited space. 

Used wood pallets and scrap wood return services – Because Palcon maintains its own fleet we can provide this service in conjunction with our new pallet deliveries.  Palcon will repair or recycle used wood pallets into serviceable Wooden Pallets, Landscape Mulch and Fuel for CO-Generation Plants.

Palcon is committed to providing a positive working environment, generous benefits and compassion for its people.  The average length of employment for current employees at Palcon is over ten years and improving steadily. This stability enables us to provide superior service to our customers. 

Inventory Management of Wooden Pallets – Palcon will provide inventory management services at the request of our customers to allow for better cost control of their wood pallets inventory. 

Wood Pallet treatment specialists – Palcon began treating wooden pallets long before ISPM 15 regulations came into effect. This experience has allowed us to assist with all kinds of challenges that wood pallets present to customers that are very sensitive introducing outside elements into clean environments that must remain bug free.        

We specialize in Pallets!

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